Colour Set 1


Sprayza has truly become a runaway success! The deceptively simple patented device, used with the top-quality Sprayza Marker Pen, becomes an easy-to-use but highly effective airbrush. Its kid-powered and turns airbrushing into an art form that even a four-year-old can master. There are new and original designs and themed packs, specifically tailored to appeal to both boys and girls, with the impact of magic colour-changing inks in some of the sets. A strong brand identity and competitive price points suggest that Sprayza is destined to continue its meteoric rise around the world!

1 x Red Sprayza

5 x Sprayza Pens

1 x A6 Stencil

1 x A6 Plain Paper

1 x A6 Frame within blister card



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